Stefan Östersjö

Stefan Östersjö, born in 1967,  is a leading classical guitarist specialising in the performance of contemporary music. As a soloist, chamber musician, sound artist, and improviser, he has released more than twenty CDs and toured Europe, the USA, and Asia. He has collaborated extensively with composers and in the creation of works involving choreography, film, video, performance art, and music theatre. Between 1995 and 2012 he was the artistic director of Ensemble Ars Nova, a leading Swedish ensemble for contemporary music. As a member of the Landscape Quartet he has developed an articulated performative practice within ecological sound art. As a soloist he has worked with conductors such as Lothar Zagrosek, Péter Eötvös, Pierre-André Valade, Mario Venzago, and Andrew Manze. 

Stefan Östersjö is Chaired Professor of Musical Performance at Piteå School of Music, Luleå University of Technology. He received his doctorate in 2008 for a dissertation on musical inter­pretation and contemporary performance practice. In 2009, he became a research fellow at the Orpheus Institute. His most recent work at the institute was carried out as a member of Performance, Subjectivity and Experimentation, a research cluster headed by Catherine Laws. He is currently also a guest professor at Ingesund School of Music, Karlstad University of Technology, Professor II at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, and associate professor at DXARTS, University of Washington.



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  • Olofsson, K. (2000). Il Liuto d’Orfeo [guitar solo: Östersjö, S.] LDC 278 070/71 Bourges: GMEB
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  • Östersjö, S. (2011). Strandlines, [works by Karpen, Frisk, Nyman, Mangs, Olofsson] dbcd140, Malmö: dB Productions
  • Tri Minh and Friends (2011). Hanoi Love Stories [Stefan Östersjö, soloist], mam production 7/2011 Hanoi: Hanoi Sound Stuff
  • Nørgård, P. (2012), Libra  [Stefan Östersjö, soloist with the Danish Radio Choir], Fredrik Malmberg, conductor, Da Capo 6220622, Silkeborg: Da Capo
  • The Six Tones (2013). (re)thinking Improvisation: artistic explorations and conceptual writing [two audio CDs and a DVD] in Frisk, H. & Östersjö, S. (Eds) (2013).  (re)thinking Improvisation: artistic explorations and conceptual writing(2013), Malmö: Malmö Academy of Music
  • The Six Tones  (2013). Signal in Noise, [nominated for the Nutida Sound award 2014] dbcd 157, Malmö: dB Productions
  • The Six Tones, Riis, J., Giust, S.  a.o (2015). Being Together SM2840, Rome: Settola Maiale
  • Jodlowski, P (2015). Ombra [Post Human Computation for electric guitar, video and electronics. Stefan Östersjö, electric guitar.] [DVD], eor012, Toulose: Éole
  • Karpen, R. (2016). Elliptic, [JACK Quartet and The Six Tones] NEUMA 450-117, New York: NEUMA Records
  • Gorton, D. (2017). Variations on John Dowland. [Stefan Östersjö, guitar solo, Longbow]. TOCC0396, London: Toccata Records
  • Karpen. R. (2019) Strandlines/Nam Mai  [Stefan Östersjö, solo guitar, The Six Tones, Seattle Symphony Orchestra] ]NEUMA 450-119, New York: NEUMA Records
  • Brooks, B. (2020) [Stefan Östersjö, solo guitar] Footnotes Innova Records
  • Lützow-Holm, O, Östersjö, S, Riis, J.  (2020). Traces of Oblivion. Gothenburg: Footprints Records
  • Östersjö, S. & Hernandez, K. (2021). Aeolian Duo at Edsviken SM4330 Rome: Setola di Maiale
  • Östersjö, S. & Edén, M. ( 2022). Wind, Strings, Bow Taragot Records


  1. Hej Stefan,
    kul att ses på Radialsystem och tack för konserten!
    Har du några bilder? Antingen från konserten eller något som ligger någorlunda nära? Behöver för en text som jag skrev om festivalen. Brådskande…

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